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Avatar for revch
I'm 4 points out of 1st place and I started the contest late. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLL WHAT THE REV IS COOKING
3/30/2015 7:10:32 PM EST
Avatar for parklandfa
Czig. If you had 58 points after round one and saw that the round by round and upfront winners had 56 & 54 points respectively, why wait until after the 4th round to question the numbers....were u on vacation???
3/30/2015 5:22:40 PM EST
Avatar for donut2250
Duke blue devales are going to win it all and be the champions
3/30/2015 4:26:42 PM EST
Avatar for miamitrev2
Great tournament so far
3/30/2015 4:12:17 PM EST
Avatar for sheba9280
Go Wisconsin
3/30/2015 2:47:48 PM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
All that bein' said, I've picked the Wildcats to win.
3/30/2015 9:25:07 AM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
Wisconsin (35-3) vs. Kentucky (38-0): Of the four teams who've made it this far, three are #1 seeds, includin' both of these. But this fact alone won't be helpin' the Wisconsin Badgers much. The Kentucky Wildcats and the Michigan State Spartans have one key thing in common: both are at their best in the second half of games.
3/30/2015 9:25:01 AM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
Michigan State (27-11) vs. Duke (33-4): An early lead is a dangerous thing to have when it's over the Michigan State Spartans, as the Oklahoma Sooners and Louisville Cardinals already know -- and the Duke Blue Devils will find out the hard way this weekend. Fan pick: Duke 74%. Michigan State 26%.........I'm in the 26%.
3/30/2015 9:18:00 AM EST
Avatar for crazy64
go duke!
3/30/2015 8:45:50 AM EST
Avatar for DUKE RULES
Duke will beat Kentuky,and given some challenge for a change.They had one of the easiest schedules,easy to see why they went undefeated in the regular season.There a good team,but it will be back to reality soon.DUKE wins it all.Get used to it haters !!! LOOOL !!!
3/30/2015 7:18:39 AM EST
Avatar for czig
what's going on? I had 58 points after the1st round and now I have 0 !!!! why?? Many of my picks won
3/30/2015 5:49:18 AM EST

I picked Villanova to win the championship. Man....
3/30/2015 1:17:37 AM EST

I was better picking during football season sometimes than on basketball. 174 pts. Ha ha. Let's go WISCONSIN and Duke. Hopefully made these correct choices.
3/30/2015 1:13:31 AM EST
Avatar for ifstone
Tonight is the first time I've looked at this contest since I made my original picks. There's something wrong here....
3/30/2015 12:53:41 AM EST

what the hay I got 100% and still did not win prize
3/30/2015 12:29:15 AM EST
Avatar for dgdass
Now we need for Wisconsin to show UK who really is boss next week. GO WISCONSIN!!
3/29/2015 8:52:23 PM EST
Avatar for bob7cat7
I got all four of my picks from the beginning in the final four. woooooohooooo
3/29/2015 8:19:00 PM EST
Avatar for zachmanos9
I got all round 4 picks right 4/4 64 points yay
3/29/2015 8:10:26 PM EST
Avatar for BIGRED260
put them out of their misery next week(end) let's go Wisconsin.
3/29/2015 7:37:58 PM EST
Avatar for alex67
CONGRATS111 to those with winning teams. GONZAGA did me in as far as my brackets go. Being a UK fan I can only pull for thwm to win the CHAMPIONSHIP for pride....GO BLUE NATION!!!! :0)
3/29/2015 7:33:48 PM EST
Avatar for john_gotti
I'm ready for baseball. Go White Sox.
3/29/2015 7:32:52 PM EST
Avatar for mrchucksr@
3/29/2015 7:18:23 PM EST

Got them all correct Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If only I could redo the first round.
3/29/2015 7:17:39 PM EST
Avatar for mrchucksr@
Idont even follow basketball and won the 4th round with off bt 1 point on the tie breaker with only 14 looses the whole bracket
3/29/2015 7:17:03 PM EST
Avatar for tlkats
Just giving back some ridiculous accusations like all the UK haters.
3/29/2015 7:13:26 PM EST
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